DePuy Hip Replacement Systems

Patients who have undergone hip replacement surgery and received the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System total hip replacement or the ASR Hip Resurfacing System may experience adverse reactions to the replacement products, which were recalled in August 2010. Many patients who received the devices have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer of the products to seek compensation for medical bills and additional expenses associated with the products.

Since the hip devices became available in 2003, approximately 93,000 hip replacement surgeries have been conducted using the devices. New data has shown that five years after patients undergo hip replacement surgery, one in eight patients who received one of the hip devices required a second hip replacement surgery, or revision operation.

DePuy Hip Replacement Symptoms

Serious health risks associated with the faulty DePuy hip devices include:

  • Implant does not stay in place, loosens from the bone
  • Bone fracturing around replacement site
  • Prolonged swelling
  • Dislocation of implant causing pain and dysfunction
  • Prolonged trouble walking
  • Fluid retention
  • Pain or tenderness around hip, groin or surrounding areas

Other Health Risks

The recalled ASR devices have been found to loosen before bones can grow around the hip implant to keep the implant in place. Bones cannot develop properly due to the movement of the implant and may cause patients to experience limping, pain and trouble walking.

Certain design features in the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System can cause grinding of the implants’ metal components, causing metal pieces to break off into the body. Metal particles traveling in the body and bloodstream may cause inflammatory reactions, damage in soft tissue and bone loss.

Metal-on-metal rubbing may also increase the level of metals in the body such as chromium and cobalt and could lead to a type of blood poisoning known as metallosis. Increased chromium and cobalt levels in the blood can cause genetic damage, cancer and tumors.

Symptoms of metallosis include:

  • Inflammation
  • Tumors
  • Difficulty walking
  • Pain

Patients diagnosed with metallosis caused by DePuy hip implants have been found to have 100 times the healthy level of chromium and cobalt in the body.