Thousands of people every year find themselves in need of a hip replacement surgery. This type of surgery involves the repair and replacement of parts of bone. A total hip replacement surgery is when the head of the femur is fitted with a metal ball that acts as the new surface for the joint. The other part of the surgery is the metal surface that is placed on the pelvic bone. This helps patients who have damaged cartilage in their hips and need to repair it. This surgery can greatly improve the quality of life of the patient. DePuy ASR hip replacements have had a few problems that the company and doctors are trying to solve for their patients.

ASR Hip System

The ASR Hip System is a hip replacement that is used in both total hip replacement surgery and hip resurfacing surgery. The ASR is placed in the tip of the femur and is connected to a metal plate. Hip replacements help people move around without pain. There has been an issue found with this particular hip replacement. The ASR model was not recommended for use in the United States. People with this particular hip replacement have noticed some symptoms associated with the hip. Several patients have noticed an increase in pain, swelling of the hip, and problems with walking.

Specific Common Problems

The pain and swelling is normal immediately after the surgery, but if the symptoms come back or stick around, then a revision surgery could be necessary. Sometimes the ASR implant does not stay attached correctly or loosens. This can lead to pain in walking and swelling in patients. The ASR also can cause a fraction in the bone which can also cause pain and swelling. Dislocation is another common cause of these symptoms with people who have the ASR hip replacement. The hip replacement problems started in 2003 and people who have gotten the surgery since then could experience any of these problems.

Diagnostic Testing

Testing for these conditions can involve X-rays and blood tests. The tests might include MRI or ultrasound images as well to assess the best course of action. Many people that have problems with their ASR hip replacement will need some sort of revision surgery. The revision surgery will either correct the problem with the existing implant or replace the implant with a new one. DePuy is working to help with the revision surgeries of patients that have experienced these issues with their replacements.

Getting Help

In most situations involving the failure of your ASR Hip System surgery will correct the problem however as with any surgery there is always risks of complications and no surgery, particularly one as invasive as a joint replacement, can be done without a great deal of pain and discomfort. Feel free to contact our Patient and Family Advocates if you would like to discuss the specifics of the DePuy recall and your legal rights to recover for the damages you have suffered as a result of the using this product. Where appropriate they will set up an appointment with a legal specialist to discuss your options at no charge to you.